Meet Tilisa

IMG_5862Welcome to ‘Simply Organized Meets Real Life’ where you can find a wide variety of information, recipes, helpful tips and real life solutions to help you to be simply organized.

Hi, I am Tilisa the founder of ‘Simply Organized Meets Real Life’, and I was born to organize all aspects of life (some have called me a neat freak).  Even as a little girl I was always cleaning and rearranging my bedroom, trying to make the most of what I had. Now as an adult, I love fixer-upper shows, trying out new recipes, and finding tried and true ways to keep life simply organized.

Today our modern lifestyles can keep us so busy and distracted with emails, social media, text messaging, obligations, to-do lists, and managing all the day-to-day activities that we can easily get overwhelmed.  Have you ever spent time on one of your favorite websites to look up at the clock and realize that you have just spent the past hour (or two) surfing around?  It is easy to do!

I am just like many others who are looking for simple ways to keep life organized and in perspective. As a wife, new mom and a small business owner my life is busy!  One day I reflected on this busy life of mine and decided that I needed to make some BIG changes. Changes in the chaos that my life had become – changes in the clutter that I had accumulated – changes in the overwhelming obligations I had committed to – and changes to my body that I had let go for the past year and a half of pregnancy and having a new-mommy body.  You can read more about that big day here Today Is the Day! IMG_5745

I am excited to share in this real life journey with you and hope that you find the information, ideas and recipes at ‘Simply Organized Meets Real Life’ a blessing to you and your family.



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